Recently, we changed the name of our parent company from International Enzymes to Substrata. Name changes should never be taken lightly, especially after more than five decades in business, but we felt the timing was right for many reasons. So we brought in a team of marketing specialists to help guide us through the painstaking and sometimes soul-searching process of developing a new moniker that not only captures our authentic identity but positions us appropriately as the innovators and leaders in the marketplace.

After weeks of brainstorming, false starts, dead ends and new beginnings, we had our “ah-ha” moment with Substrata, a name that links our product lines and provides a solid foundation for everything we do.

“Sub,” the prefix, comes from the original Latin and means “under,” “below,” or “beneath.” It also occurs in chemistry and indicates a basic compound. So we get two meaningful associations for the price of one.

The root word “strata,” also found in Latin, is defined as a number of portions or divisions likened to layers or levels. When you look at our product line, which keeps the original proven enzyme formulation, you’ll see that all four brands are connected by the same basic components relating to multiple layers beneath the surface:

PERMA-ZYME, our flagship product, solves the problem of costly and complex multi-climate road stabilization. It locks the soil’s organic fines into a strong, water resistant primary or substrate surface safely and naturally.

PETRA-ZYME solves the issue of soil and water contaminated with petroleum-based compounds. The complex formulation contains no exogenous bacteria but rather stimulates indigenous bacteria at its core to remediate the contaminated soil or water.

BACTO-ZYME is a multifaceted enzymatic agent which is highly effective at working below the surface for general cleaning purposes and odor control. It is simple to use, cost-effective and completely nontoxic.

HARVA-ZYME serves as a catalyst for increasing soil bacteria activity and microorganism growth that digests fertilizers and minerals within the soil, making them readily available to roots for easier assimilation.

Together, all four Substrata products work to provide fast, effective, safe solutions to some of today’s thorniest challenges faced by farmers, ranchers, organizations and even entire countries. With more than 50 years of real world experience under our belts, we hope you’ll accompany us on this next exciting phase of our journey.

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