When it comes to traditional paved road construction methods, the most frustrating and costly steps occur during excavation. What if you could eliminate this step completely while cutting down your overall cost by up to 80%? Perma-Zyme makes this possible.

paved_raod_construction_solutionPerma-Zyme is an enzyme-based soil stabilizer designed to permanently bond the soil particles into a cement-like material, using the native soil as the road base. By doing so, you wipe out any need for hauling out any old material or hauling in any new aggregate. During this process, Perma-Zyme is also aiding in dust control.

To add further protection to your road, you can also apply any topcoat, such as chip seal or asphalt. You will notice a stronger, longer-lasting road. The base will not shift or fail the way that it does with aggregate. Thus, resulting in a newly paved road that will last in excess of 20 years, with little to no maintenance required for just a fraction of the cost.

How can this be, you might ask? Perma-Zyme’s proprietary permentationTM process works by bonding with the clay particles, creating an electrochemical reaction that results in extraordinary soil stabilization. All of this can be accomplished without hundreds of truckloads of imported stone and rock, without massive crews, and without the mind-numbing expense to your taxpayers, wallet, or pocketbook.