Soil loses its fertility over time due to single-crop use year after year.  Often pressures to produce don’t allow time for the soil to lie fallow for extended periods to recover.  Alternating crops helps, of course, but over time it still loses its ability to retain water and the minerals become locked in the soil and difficult to access—and then the natural bacteria population decreases.

soil_conditioning_handTogether, the enzymes and bacteria digest the minerals and fertilizer in the soil and make them more available to the plants.  This improved soil health and soil biology aids in mineral absorption, contributing to a healthier, stronger root system.  This also means plants can obtain water from deeper in the soil, being more self-reliant, and reducing the amount you have to supply through irrigation.

Harva-Zyme is an enzyme-based catalyst designed to improve soil.  First, it enhances the water retention ability of the soil to keep a ready supply of moisture available for the plants.  Next, it improves aeration of the soil, and hence oxygenation.  This, in turn, stimulates the growth of the naturally occurring microorganisms in the soil, which are not only good for your crops, but essential to good plant development and yield.



There are two ways to provide Harva-Zyme to crops.  It can be applied directly to the soil, or it can be diluted and added through an existing irrigation system.  Either way, it means healthier crops that resist stress and need less water.

Typically, it should be applied at a rate no less than one gallon (and up to five gallons) per acre.  If it is applied to the soil directly, it should be irrigated immediately to supply sufficient water for it to activate the enzymatic components and let them get to work.  Such a spray application is harmless, as there is no residue from the product.

It should be noted that delay in irrigation does no harm.  The reason for immediate irrigation is to obtain immediate effects.  Otherwise, it will simply lie dormant until water arrives… 



Harva-Zyme should be applied at the beginning of the growing season and may be used again at the halfway mark (if it is required).  Do not apply it immediately after fertilizing—in fact, there should be a two-week wait after applying fertilizer. 

The primary function of Harva-Zyme is to enhance the absorption of nutrients, and applying it too soon after fertilizing could cause plants to "burn."  Increasing the levels of (for example) potassium would be like putting salt on the plant, which would absorb or sequester the plant's water supply, causing it to "burn."


Harva-Zyme is made from entirely naturally sourced enzymes.  It is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-inflammable, biodegradable, and safe for the environment.  It can even be used in conjunction with pesticides.  Some reports indicate that when sprayed directly on some insect pests, it can disrupt their digestive systems and kill them, potentially reducing the amount of pesticide you must use.


Harva-Zyme provides consistency.  It restores the soil so that it can successfully support crops; it balances the conditions to create broad-based uniformity throughout the crop, so that size, color, and harvest time are all predictable.