Perma-Zyme’s claim to fame is its ability to harden clay particles, thus creating a concrete-like surface perfect for dirt roads that will last in excess of 10 years. Perma-Zyme’s proprietary permentation™ process works by bonding the clay particles in a way available nowhere else on the market today.

Using Perma-Zyme for dirt road construction is extremely easy. The application requires no special technology, just standard road construction equipment. Once Perma-Zyme’s permentation process has concluded the dirt road will become concrete-like and will require little to no maintenance, will release fewer dust particles into the atmosphere, and will be capable of handling vehicles of all shapes, sizes and weights.

Perma-Zyme is the ideal product to improve the reliability of dirt roads and allow for consistent traffic in a variety of climates, seasons and conditions. Visit the Perma-Zyme page to learn more.

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