HENDERSON, Nev. – As the go-to provider of biochemical, enzyme-based products, Substrata recently launched a new website designed to educate and guide businesses in road construction and environmental maintenance. Revolutionary at its inception, the company’s family formulations are the market leaders in road stabilization, soil conditioning, petroleum bioremediation, cleaning and odor control.

Substrata has developed four enzyme-based solutions: Perma-Zyme, Petra-Zyme, Bacto-Zyme, and Harva-Zyme. Perma-Zyme, Substrata’s soil-stabilizing compound, hardens natural soils to a concrete-like surface, which is used to strengthen roadway foundations and reduce construction costs. Petra-Zyme is a highly concentrated enzyme solvent used for cleaning and degreasing area surfaces, including those contaminated by petroleum-based products. Bacto-Zyme is a multi-faceted solvent designed for deep microbial cleaning, degreasing metal surfaces and odor elimination. With the rise of the marijuana industry, and the legalization in multiple states around the country, Harva-Zyme, Substrata’s next star, improves soil health, micro-organism growth and mineral absorption to support root strength and increase crop yields while using less water.

“These four products have a multitude of uses and Substrata is reintroducing them into the world by creating opportunities for decision-makers in industries such as agriculture, environmental cleanup, construction and more to experience how Substrata’s formulas can impact their bottom lines,” said Royal Marty, Substrata CEO and owner.

A Las Vegas native, Marty kept all of Substrata’s manufacturing and product testing in Nevada. In addition, Substrata’s formulas can be used right here at home with a boom in local construction and the growth of the marijuana industry, where Marty sees Harva-Zyme and Bacto-Zyme making an impact.

As a pioneer in the industry, Substrata’s website includes its products and a helpful tutorial, 10 easy steps to build a road, which features its enzyme-based product, Perma-Zyme, and explains road construction in an entertaining 3-minute animation.

Substrata has been solving the biggest challenges in soil stabilization; cleaning and odor control; and petroleum-based bioremediation for more than 40 years. Originally branded as International Enzymes, the company’s enzymatic solutions have become the gold standard for commercial soil products, and are trusted by governments and companies worldwide. As a biochemical manufacturing company, Substrata creates and sells all its own enzyme-based solutions.

Those interested in Substrata and its products can visit the website at or by calling 702-825-5200.

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