We often get asked what is in Perma-Zyme and how it is made. Well, we could tell you but then we would have to kill you.

In all seriousness, the formula has been kept extremely secret and only known by a hand full of people. We treat the formulation for Perma-Zyme and all of our products just as Coca-Cola does, it is a trade secret and we do not disclose it. With that being said, we are happy to share a 10,000 foot view of the manufacturing process and ingredients.

Since Perma-Zyme is an enzymatic based solution we have to grow and cultivate the bacteria. This process starts by combing the base ingredients that consist of mostly food grade ingredients such as molasses and yeast into the large mixing tank. We then start mixing the ingredients to ensure everything is mixed thoroughly. Upon mixing we let the ingredients sit and begin to grow the bacteria that will become the catalyst that will allow Perma-Zyme to complete the Permentation process that everyone has come to know and love. The bacteria growing process takes about 3 days. This initial process is very similar to the beginning stage of any alcohol (wine, beer, whiskey) brewing process. Once the bacteria has been fully cultivated we then mix in the final ingredients, mix, and it is ready to go.

One of the things that Substrata is most proud of is our stringent quality control process. Throughout the manufacturing we are consistently monitoring the solution to ensure every batch will perform just as well as the last. Prior to packaging, we measure the solution and compare to the previous batches and log the values. We then number the batch and apply a batch number label to each container.

As you can see, we take everything related to manufacturing very seriously from the formulation all the way to the packaging and labeling. We have extreme confidence in that Perma-Zyme and all of our other products are superior and our manufacturing process is the foundation to our confidence.

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