Unpaved Road Construction Steps

Commence Construction

Be sure that the weather does not call for rain and that the temperature is above 45oF. Excavate your future road by using a grader to rip and mix the soil. Ensure the soil has been excavated to the desired depth of the road.


  • Grader
  • Water Truck
  • Sheepsfoot Compactor
  • Smooth Wheel Roller

Apply Perma-Zyme

Using a water truck, mix Perma-Zyme and water. Then, spray the soil with the mixture.

Mix the Soil

For best results, use a blade attachment to mix the soil by blading the soil from side to side and up and down the path. This process ensures that the soil is uniformly moistened and the Perma-Zyme will be uniformly applied.


Using a compactor, ideally a sheepsfoot compactor, begin compacting the soil in 3-6 inch lifts. Once the soil has reached nearly optimum compaction, it is best to use a drum compactor to complete compaction and level it.

Let the Permentation Process Begin

Once the road has been compacted, the road is ready for light traffic. The soil will be fully cured within 72 hours.