Project Design Recommendations

Perma-Zyme is designed to harden soil particles into cement-like material while improving dust control. When mixed with water and applied during compaction, Perma-Zyme acts upon the soil’s organic fines and produces a strong cementation effect to produce a durable, water-resistant mix that can be used as a sub-base or primary surface.



It is best to apply Perma-Zyme in the warmer seasons, Perma-Zyme cannot be applied when the temperature is under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. During application ensure that no rain is in the forecast for at least 72 hours.


Lifespan of application

Typical lifespan of a Perma-Zyme road in which the Perma-Zyme treated soil is the bearing surface is 10-15 years. The road will wear depending on traffic and climate. Oftentimes wear patterns are from heavy traffic or constant water flow. In applications where a top coat is applied the life of the Perma-Zyme treated soil is exponentially longer since the surface is not being used as the primary exposed surface.


Note: Road wearing is due the soil naturally physically deteriorating, not the Perma-Zyme losing its bonding strength.



Depending on the application of your road the depth might vary. For most applications Substrata recommends the following.


Very light traffic, temporary road


Normal traffic, unpaved, paved road


Heavy weight traffic



Top Coat (Paving)

Many different top coats can be applied to the soil once treated with Perma-Zyme such as asphalt, chip seal, and cement. In projects where a top coat is being applied, you will need to allow for extra time for the road to cure.