Repairing cracks or potholes

Similar to traditional construction, cracks and potholes still occur with the application of Perma-Zyme. Listed below are simple solutions for commons maintenance situations, including symptoms of the construction process.


Note: Superficial cracks are normal and do not require any maintenance. If you see structural cracking, that could be a problem of application. The soil could have been too wet or did not have enough Perma-Zyme. If you are unsure if you have applied enough Perma-Zyme you can always add more. Adding more Perma-Zyme does not disrupt the process, and only makes the hardening process quicker.


Step 1: Reapply Perma-Zyme

Line the exposed surface with pure Perma-Zyme, rubbing repeatedly to loosen the surface.


Step 2: Insert New Soil

Bring in new dirt already applied with Perma-Zyme (wet) and compact the soil into the crack or pothole.