Paved Road Sample Timeline

In projects where a top coat is being applied, you will need to allow an additional 3 days (72 hours) of time for the road to fully cure.

Day 1 – Shape road and drainage; and mix Perma-Zyme for 1 mile.

Day 2 – Lay out and compact first ½ mile.

Day 3 – Shape road and drainage and mix Perma-Zyme for second ½ mile.

Day 4 – Lay out and compact second ½ mile.

Day 5 – (24 hours) Allow full mile to dry.

Day 6 – (48 hours) Allow full mile to dry.

Day 7 – (72 hours) Allow full mile to dry.

Day 8 – Lightly cut (shave) and compact with steel wheel full mile.

Once compacted, the road may be used by light motor traffic, even if a top coat application is planned.

Day 9 – Prepare the unpaved road by moistening the soil with a 10,000:1 mix of Perma-Zyme and water.

Apply top coat material. To apply a top layer to your road, such as chip seal or asphalt, you would follow the traditional procedures for those products.  Consult the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the application guidelines and curing timeline appropriate for the type of top coat materials used.