Bacto-Zyme Safety Precautions

Bacto-Zyme is a non-toxic solution, and is NOT classified as posing any significant risk to human health, personal protection, physical hazard and is not flammable. 

However, it is recommended that the following general precautions be observed:

Eye Protection

Always wear proper eye protection. This product may splash during normal use.

If contact with eyes is made, flush eyes with clean water immediately, for 10 minutes. If any adverse reaction occurs, seek medical attention.


Avoid prolonged skin contact by wearing gloves and long sleeves.

If contact with skin is made, remove contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly with clean water and mild soap. In the rare case that Bacto-Zyme causes skin irritation, seek medical attention.


If swallowed, nausea or upset stomach may occur.  Do not induce vomiting.  Drink plenty of water to dilute.  If symptoms persist, seek medical attention.


To download the Bacto-Zyme SDS, click here